Okay hear me out on this one.

"This is a hard reset. It will reboot the conditions in your universe well before you began playing the game. 
You will have lived different lives after the reset. The different initial conditions will ideally lead to a more favorable scenario in the new session. 
Unfortunately, you will have no memory of anything that has happened in the session you are in now.

And now, in homage to mspaintadventures, I present a shitty diagram.

This is probably completely and utterly wrong.

But seriously. 

That would make Karkat postscratch John, with all of his stupid movies and failure programming, just with “conditions” that would be more favorable for winning their session. Alternians have to fight their way through life from the very beginning. Wouldn’t that qualify as a “more favorable scenario” by that logic?

I mean the idea in itself is completely cracktastic but seriously. And…okay call me crazy, but it kind of feels like something Hussie, with his love of stable time loops and paradoxes, would pull.

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    O.O Oh my god. Makes so much sense.
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